ancreva, strengthens your brand with its 3-step service approach consisting of analysis, creation and adding value.
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This is the comprehension stage. At this point, all factors related to the brand are analyzed thoroughly, relevant reports and articles are explored, internal data are collected, interviews are made in the field and all this information is examined in detail. The aim is to determine the existing status and position of the brand and the market and to understand the industry in all aspects and to reveal the data that will form the basis of the strategy.

Market and Competitor Analysis

  • Market Research
  • Trends
  • Benchmarking

Consumer Research

  • Voice of Customer: Quantitative and Qualitative Researches
  • Field Research
  • Employee and Administrator Research

Internal and External Analysis

  • Brand Audit
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis


This is the stage of positioning the brand, establishing the strategy and designing the brand's future based on the defined strategy after comprehension. The aim is to reveal the core values, clarify the main position, and determine the mission and vision of the brand. This stage is the foundation of the brand in terms of creating value.


Brand Strategy

  • Determination of Brand Identity and Personality
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Discourse
  • Brand Constitution

Transformation and Creation

  • Brand Name
  • Visual Identity
  • Emotional Identity
  • Cultural Identity
  • Campaigns

Establishing the Corporate Strategy

  • Determination of Mission, Vision and Values
  • Creation of Scenario
  • Creating Possible Strategies for Different Scenarios
  • Determining Strategic Goals

Adding Value

This is the stage where the brand transforms its strategy into action. Methods and tactics to be followed are clarified in line with the principles determined during the creativity stage. A suitable organizational structure is created, targets and budgets are determined and the implementation phase is managed. Development and created value are measured with continuous evaluations.

Brand Management and Guidance

  • Creating an Ecosystem (Digital, advertisement, content, design..)
  • Setting Goals
  • Annual Communication Plan
  • Media Plan
  • Budget Management
  • Campaign Design
  • Implementing the Marketing Plan

Transforming Strategy into Actions

  • Determination of Strategic Projects
  • Creating the Budget in Line with the Strategic Targets and Projects

Measuring Performance

  • Measuring Strategy Performance: Balanced Scorecard
  • Measuring Budget Performance: Financial Statements
  • Measuring Brand Value

Investment and Financing for Growth

  • Business Plan and Financial Model Preparation
  • Company Valuation
  • Pitch Deck Preparation
  • Connect with the Investor Networks