ancreva works in line with its values and dreams and aims to strengthen brands.
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ancreva is a new generation strategy and brand engineering company, founded in 2020, working to realize ideas and brand dreams.

The name of ancreva is a form generated by abbreviations of "analyse", "create" and "add value".

ancreva, supports to grow of good ideas and become stronger of brands.

As ancreva we believe that strong brands and strong startups are the most important channels for building a strong future.

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In addition to our professional approach, we add our excitement to add value with analysis and creativity, which is our life philosophy to add value to projects that we take responsibility. Our work's passion comes from our dreams that have excited and driven us for years. Our dreams guide us in every work and effort we do.

ancreva offers an approach consisting of 3 main stages to the growth journey of brands. Each stage includes the strategy and continuous growth elements of the brand. This approach is repeated periodically in the brand journey and every time adds excitement of growing and value to the brand.


  • Market research
  • Customer research
  • Brand audit


  • Positioning
  • Brand identity
  • Strategy


  • Transforming strategy to actions
  • Implementation
  • Growth performance tracking


omurden sezgin

Ömürden Sezgin

Brand Engineer
umit ozkan

Ümit Özkan

Brand Consultant

Ece Mergan

Brand Consultant
said atakli

Said Ataklı

Brand Specialist
Gulse ancreva foto

Gülse Sipahi

Brand Intern
sila ancreva foto

Sıla Çakar

Brand Intern
buket ancreva foto

Buket Kılıç

Brand Intern
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If you think you share the same dreams with the ancreva team and want to add value to brands, you can check the ancreva career page to join our team.

How We Work?

ancreva carries out the work that is essential for your enterprise and brand from creation to growth of brand by establishing brand strategy to corporate strategy, and crates the necessary strong ecosystem for all your marketing needs.

With its specialized, experienced and passionate team consisting of both ancreva’s own staff and ancreva Business Network partners, ancreva works as an internal business partner, likewise an internal strategy and marketing department in clients’ organization working on common dreams with the client, rather than a consultant for brands.

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ancreva Business Network

The ancreva Business Network consists of specialized agencies, talented brand, strategy and design professionals from various business lines in Turkey and all over the world.

If you want to work together on our projects as an agency or freelance professional, let's meet.

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ancreva has 7 main values. These 7 values make ancreva a strong strategy and brand engineering company.